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Posting To Multiple Blogs

April 10, 2010

This is something of a Eureka moment for me!

Inspired by Rolfs post I decided to tackle a problem that’s been inhabiting a part of my subconscious for a while now. I have set up several blogs, most are WordPress self hosted, one or two are hosted’s and there’s even the odd Blogger or two. At any time I may write a post that needs to go into blog A,B and F. Another posting may be suited to blog B,C and G. I’ll not go into detail about why this is the case, suffice to say that it is. It could well also be the case for others.

Earlier today I believed I had found the answer. Indeed it is an answer and it is Social Oomph. However, it is an answer at a price. The free account does many useful things and I’ll write about this another time. The ability to write to several WordPresses is available only in the Premium account. I accidentally set my account on a free 7 day trial of the premium features so I can’t really evaluate the free account. I’m loathe to try multi posting that I know in 7 days time will cost me $29 per month. I couldn’t justify this to my employer much less explain it with any hope of understanding. The blogs I wish to address are professional as well as personal so I have no wish to enter into the monthly transaction. I will however, explore Social Oomph later.

I then went off to seek alternatives and many dead ends ensued. That is until now. This posting is not being written in WordPress at all but in a Firefox addon called ScribeFire. Early trials at present but it seems absolutely fantastic. I’ve set up a few accounts and for good measure I will post this to my installed experimental WordPress at as well as the hosted “Tools That Work” WordPress. I can’t post them both at once but one after the other is cool.

Not only can I publish this but I could use Scribe Fire to categorise the posting as well as a few other thingd. I can also see all my earlier postings for editing too (in all my blogs) The links in this post were created in Scribe Fire and I see I can do a bunch of other WYSIWYG stuff as well including images, fonts, colours and even add YouTubes. Download it and give it a go.

Now lemme hit PUBLISH ……….

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