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April 6, 2010

A little while ago Aldo asked me to add screencasting tools here. This was because I had just made a quick “screencast” of a particular process to show an activity as it appeared on MY screen. Screencasting refers to the process of recording all on-screen activity including dragging and dropping and clicking and is often accompanied by a voice track either recorded at the same time as the screen grab or afterwards. Recording the voice as a post production process maybe along with a few video edits can produce a slicker result. Screencasting is often used to make tutorial videos but I also use it to make Machinima (Virtual Movies) and I use Camstudio in combination with Second Life for my Virtual Movie Making.

Camstudio (PC) is free and is a great tool. I know of other tools to do this which I’ve not really tried out to any degree yet and these include, Camstasia (PC), Fraps (PC)

I find Camstudio very easy to use which is probably why I’ve never really got into any of the others. I also have a version running on a USB drive but I’ll have to dig that out to come back here and report on it.

Just recently I’ve gone over to the Mac side so Camstudio is not available to me to make screencasts. Finally, I decided it’s time to take Screenr for a ride. Since this is an online tool it is platform independent. For some odd reason it’s called a “screen capture tool for Twitter”. For sure you can tweet your screencasts and logging in with Twitter makes setting up an account a snap, but why such an affiliation with Twitter? This worried me at first but I find that you don’t have to tweet your screencasts and you can download them (or sent to YouTube) making the service a whole lot more useful than just a twitter tool.

I made the screencast below with no prep and no post-production (oh so you can tell huh?) showing that this is a very easy tool to use. Thumbs up for Screenr!


oops tried to embed my first screenr here and it didn’t work. Must be some foible of the hosted WordPress. OK – here’s what we’ll do – I’ve just zapped it across to YouTube which was extremely painless. Next I’ll embed the YouTube and if you see it below, my mission has succeeded.

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