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March 26, 2010

I really liked Etherpad so it was quite disappointing that Google (Wave) bought it. I guess the intention was to incorporate into Google Wave but since I have long since given up on Wave, having no idea what to make of it, I don’t know for certain the fate of Etherpad. That is until today when I saw it rise Phoenix like, and this time under the name of Typewith.Me –

I recall now that the producers “open sourced” Etherpad with Google’s agreement when the deal was done and it has been “Frozen in time” by Chris Pirillo and Jake Warner, thanks guys. It has slightly less bells and whistles than the original Etherpad but it’s a great tool for collaborative notes during an online meeting or brainstorming session. No passwords and no fuss but each participant can sign their name and use a colour code. So long as you realise that there is no security save for the fact a complex URL is generated. Anyone knowing that URL can edit the document too but if you save the document after your meeting who cares. You can export the document as PDF, Open Office, MS Word, txt etc. A great tool that’s so easy and used in the right circumstances, very useful. OLsnYT9v32

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